Smart Company Rebranding Now On Wheels

In more ways than one. Actually, make that just two ways, but in both directions. One of the most challenging branding exercises is to create a design that remains resplendent on a moving vehicle and always needs to be seen by passing traffic or pedestrians, or both. Stationary designs are a lot easier to manage, but moving impressions, having to cover some distance, not so easy. Nevertheless, even a small business owner with mobilized fleet in tow can still learn how to rebrand a company.

The beauty of the exercise, mind you, is that he will not be operating alone. He has the ear and full support of an accomplished team of designers, printing technicians and label installers to rely on. The first communications – the design intention – can be conducted online. But so too, the monitoring of all further work progress. The design engineers willingly share the development of design, manufacture and printing work with the customer.

how to rebrand a company

To all practical intents and purposes, because graphic design installations need to be made direct to a vehicle, the ideal job is completed physically at a central location. But logistics of servicing a broad band of customers that stretch across the country do not allow for this. No matter, because the label installation team can transport work to clients’ locations and complete the labelling work there. That’s been one way so far, and in different directions too.

Now all the customer needs to do is set his fleet to the tar and see what results ensue. Who will notice that there’s a company around the corner, waiting to be of service? If the process has been professionally managed from start to finish then plenty much will notice, perhaps even more than before.